Current Programs


MAD has provided teaching material, teacher support (teacher training), laptop PCs, and educational and English language teaching software, a solar-power charging system for the laptops. Supply of books, writing materials, education in computer skills and language games is an on-going activity.


MAD Indochina runs a (very small) vocational training restaurant in Hoi An, called Laugh Café, at 126 Tran Cao Van. We started in February 2008 in a very small house but have moved to a larger place in the same street. Why? Because it has more bedrooms, and all out trainees live with us.

When young people finished school they go to University (if possible and if the have the desire and aptitude), or find work. Hoi An is a World Heritage site (the whole of the old town) and a tourist attraction. There are many jobs in the hotels and restaurants but no-one to train youths for such positions. Laugh Cafe has set up a reasonable kitchen with extraction fans and proper work surfaces, We feed and clothe the students, make sure that they have some money to live, and teach English, basic accounting, restaurant management, kitchen management, cooking skills, hygiene, safety at work, as well as presentation skills related to the restaurant, and to the service of customers, …the list goes on.

Food at Laugh Cafe


AHC is a paediatric teaching and training hospital in Siem Reap (which is the town near to the Angkor Archaeological Park, of which Angkor Wat is the famous centrepiece). Many of AHC’s patients are from poor rural families. The hospital runs an education development program for these children which is supported by MAD. We provide writing and drawing materials - many children have never had a piece of paper that they were allowed to draw or scribble on. We also teach them how to play with toys. These families cannot typically afford toys for children and as part of their social development we see it as important. All the toys we send are small. Many of AHC’s patients live in very small homes. Since it started in 1999 AHC has treated more than 620,000 Cambodian children. The patient count for the first 4 months of 2008 was 32,946. Many of AHC’s patients are from poor rural families. AHC treats between 350 and 500 out-patients a day.